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Threatening Ransomware outbreak thrills the World, Cyber Techies alerted!

“The biggest rasomware outbreak till date” experts say and claim it as threat to big business units. However, the vulnerability in Indian market has been relatively minimal so far.


Ransomware WannaCry is a malicious piece of software that blocks access to computers until money is being paid. Reports say it has swamped around 150 countries, including India.

Most affected are the Organizations and individuals who have not updated their system with Microsoft security and still emphasizing on using the older versions of Windows OS where India is supposed to be the one with highest number of pirated software users. After the attack came into picture all security firms have pull up their socks before the attacks gets more severe in future. Experts don’t want to reveal the affected organizations name because of some reasons.

Experts from big Four say “The worst hit organizations are the one where Security hygiene isn’t on place”. These cyber attacks have also raised a finger on those organizations who don’t investigate enough in security terms.

Public and private sectors have been warned to patch their systems as prescribed in the advisory issued by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in). Internet service providers have been alerted for security of tele-communication network, also Ministry of electronics and information technology (Meity) asked Microsoft India to inform all its partners and customers to apply the relevant patches.


The global ransomware attack has reportedly hit the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Spanish Telecom Company telephonic and govt. Departments in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Vietnam, Spain and the Philippines. Some Indian manufacturing and jewelry companies in Mumbai & Gujarat got affected.


Experts from security agencies mentioned, the risk of infection was high in India given poor individual cyber hygiene. The latest count is over 200,000 victims in more than 150 countries which include especially the large corporations. Techies are trying best to shield the world from this menacing infection.

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Investigating Threats with Watson for Cyber Security

Enterprise security operations centers (SOCs) are being crushed under the burden of an estimated 200,000 events per day, according to IBM research. And while that’s a lot of events, what complicates matters even further is that only a tiny percentage of those events actually require immediate action. But because alerts lack context, security teams must treat one each equally. That means the average enterprise can waste more than 20,000 hours per year on malware containment alone.

Enter Watson for Cyber Security and IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson

IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson is the first solution to apply the power of Watson for Cyber Security. Watson for Cyber Security maintains a specialized corpus of security knowledge, which includes previously invisible unstructured data in the form of blogs, websites, threat intelligence feeds and more. Read more on Cyber Security with Watson..

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The Battle for Cloud Supremacy: Google G Suite and Office 365

Office 365 - DCM Data Systems

Google launched its enterprise cloud app suite under the Google Apps Premier Edition brand in 2007. Later renamed Google Apps for Work, it was rebranded as G Suite in September 2016 and is the bitter and enduring competitor for Office 365. Industry pundits agree that the two companies are locked in battle to transition customers to the cloud. In a February 2016 study, Gartner noted:

Among public companies using cloud-based email, Microsoft is more popular with larger organizations and has more than an 80 percent share of companies using cloud email with revenue above $10 billion,” said Jeffrey Mann, research vice president at Gartner. “Google’s popularity is better among smaller companies, approaching a 50 percent share of companies with revenue less than $50 million.”

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Majority of IT managers say they work on mobile security without EMM or MMS help

Image result for Enterprise mobility Management

More than half of respondents in a survey conducted by mobility and telecom expense management (TEM) provider Tangoe say their job to manage mobile devices ploughs a lonely furrow.

In other words, of the 100 IT managers polled, across a variety of enterprises, very few are using enterprise mobility management (EMM) or managed mobility (MMS) offerings – although many plan to over the next two years.

Given this publication has long since been advocating mobility as a department within the larger business and not tacked on alongside it – think mobility centres of excellence rather than a ‘chief mobility officer’ – this makes for an interesting finding.

Elsewhere, it will come as precisely zero surprise to find that security was still top of the agenda among survey respondents. Given 85% of those polled said they were responsible for ensuring the company’s mobile data was secure, 55% said security was the biggest mobile challenges facing their organisations, ahead of costs (43%) and managing multiple devices and platforms (42%). Read more…on Enterprise Mobility Management.

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Outsourcing IT Security: Is it worth the RISK?

Wireless security montage

In this fast changing world, most companies now integrate IT into their organization. So how will the company protect its highly sensitive data against attacks and damages? The number of cyber hackers is growing and they are breaking into the company’s computer system, intruding and causing damage to the organization’s operations.

The best thing for a company to do is to invest into IT security to protect its data from these hackers.


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Should Companies Outsource IT Security?


Should a company outsource Information Technology (IT) security?  My personal opinion is that it would pose a lot of risk on the part of the company to outsource their IT security to other service providers. The biggest risk would be data security breach and break in the integrity of  the company’s data which will open up the company to attacks from rival companies.


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As cyber attacks continue IT security is more important than ever for SMEs

security and compliance solutionsEarlier in 2016, Dropbox also announced that the 2012 breach the cloud storage service suffered was worse than reported, urging users to change passwords that haven’t been updated since.

Security firms also noted increases in the number and size of distributed denial-of- service (DDoS) attacks last year.

Security blog site recently suffered a massive DDoS attack at 665 Gbps – already more than five times the brunt of the then record 120 Gbps hit on Spamhaus in 2013.   Read more