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A specialist provider for outsourcing of Visa, Passport & Attestation services went live within 21 days with 24*7 managed sevices – CaseStudy

-> Owing to the Govt. regulations, European customer of the client exclusively required locally hosted business applications. This included the setting up of DR site in Europe, along with 24*7 customer support.


-> With the deadline of 03 weeks, the IT procurement, local governing policies on data access and privacy, Manpower management of IT, time zones variations between Customer’s HO & End client were major challenges faced by the client.

-> A 24*7 monitored & managed IBM softLayer which enabled provisioning a mix of Bare Metal/dedicated virtual servers within hours and is complaint to all data & process security control standards like ISO 27001, AICPA/SOC -2, FedRAMP, NIST, PIC, HIPAA, etc was proposed by DCM Data Systems.

-> Benefits were going live within 3 weeks, higher flexibility of application hosting, efficient management of IT infrastructure, 24*7 proactive management of customer environment from DCM Data Systems NOC.

-> DCMDS was chosen because of its strong foothold in monitoring and managing IT Infra needs for companies across the globe.

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Outsourcing IT Security: Is it worth the RISK?

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In this fast changing world, most companies now integrate IT into their organization. So how will the company protect its highly sensitive data against attacks and damages? The number of cyber hackers is growing and they are breaking into the company’s computer system, intruding and causing damage to the organization’s operations.

The best thing for a company to do is to invest into IT security to protect its data from these hackers.



Enhance Your Application Performance with our Unified APM Services


Application Performance Management is highly critical for running a successful business.  As the enterprises are using multiple technologies like SAP, JAVA, DotNet along with multiple platforms like Windows and Linux with variety of databases and middleware, it is extremely difficult to identify where the bottleneck exists.

With our Unified Application Performance Management provides a dashboard having the current status of your applications with drill down feature to reach to the bottleneck whether it is Network, OS or DB or Application code itself.

 In addition to the unified dashboard, our solution provides the following features
  • Transaction Discovery
  • User Experience Monitoring
  • Transaction Tracing
  • Diagnostic Features.

To know more about our unified APM service, checkout our website