IT Security

Threatening Ransomware outbreak thrills the World, Cyber Techies alerted!

“The biggest rasomware outbreak till date” experts say and claim it as threat to big business units. However, the vulnerability in Indian market has been relatively minimal so far.


Ransomware WannaCry is a malicious piece of software that blocks access to computers until money is being paid. Reports say it has swamped around 150 countries, including India.

Most affected are the Organizations and individuals who have not updated their system with Microsoft security and still emphasizing on using the older versions of Windows OS where India is supposed to be the one with highest number of pirated software users. After the attack came into picture all security firms have pull up their socks before the attacks gets more severe in future. Experts don’t want to reveal the affected organizations name because of some reasons.

Experts from big Four say “The worst hit organizations are the one where Security hygiene isn’t on place”. These cyber attacks have also raised a finger on those organizations who don’t investigate enough in security terms.

Public and private sectors have been warned to patch their systems as prescribed in the advisory issued by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in). Internet service providers have been alerted for security of tele-communication network, also Ministry of electronics and information technology (Meity) asked Microsoft India to inform all its partners and customers to apply the relevant patches.


The global ransomware attack has reportedly hit the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Spanish Telecom Company telephonic and govt. Departments in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Vietnam, Spain and the Philippines. Some Indian manufacturing and jewelry companies in Mumbai & Gujarat got affected.


Experts from security agencies mentioned, the risk of infection was high in India given poor individual cyber hygiene. The latest count is over 200,000 victims in more than 150 countries which include especially the large corporations. Techies are trying best to shield the world from this menacing infection.


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