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Majority of IT managers say they work on mobile security without EMM or MMS help

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More than half of respondents in a survey conducted by mobility and telecom expense management (TEM) provider Tangoe say their job to manage mobile devices ploughs a lonely furrow.

In other words, of the 100 IT managers polled, across a variety of enterprises, very few are using enterprise mobility management (EMM) or managed mobility (MMS) offerings – although many plan to over the next two years.

Given this publication has long since been advocating mobility as a department within the larger business and not tacked on alongside it – think mobility centres of excellence rather than a ‘chief mobility officer’ – this makes for an interesting finding.

Elsewhere, it will come as precisely zero surprise to find that security was still top of the agenda among survey respondents. Given 85% of those polled said they were responsible for ensuring the company’s mobile data was secure, 55% said security was the biggest mobile challenges facing their organisations, ahead of costs (43%) and managing multiple devices and platforms (42%). Read more…on Enterprise Mobility Management.


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