What is Cyber Threat Analysis?

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Today’s cyber threat actors are becoming more agile and aggressive, and finding new ways to bypass your traditional security measures. When this happens, they can do untold damage while navigating your company’s sensitive data and protected information.

However, the right cyber threat analysis solution can help you detect and neutralize unknown threats and breaches. Cyber threat analysis is a human-led process that enriches your existing security measures with contextual insights gained from external and internal data sources.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) is a cyber threat analysis solution that augments your current SIEM systems and equips your security operations center (SOC) team with the ability to analyze disparate sets of internal and external data, like HR, open source, social media and even dark web data. Conducting cyber threat analysis with i2 EIA not only helps you develop a more comprehensive understanding of your threats, but also helps you identify those unknown threats that could be occurring in your system as you read this.

To learn more about cyber threat analysis this What is Cyber Threat Analysis infographic and video. Turn the tables on your cyber threats today!

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